Finn Scooters

Finn Scooters Are Available for Rental! 

Rental Cost

·       $25+tax for 18-holes

·       $13+tax for 9-holes

Things to Know

·       One rider and bag per scooter

·       First Come - First Served (no reservations)

·       Not available when cart path only

·       GPS tracked for security

·       Before you arrive or prior to rental Download the APP and bring your sunscreen!

·       Prior to operation, users will demo the unit with a staff member to ensure safe use 


·       Single-rider carts that speed up the pace of play with an average pace of 7.5 minutes per hole (don't forget groups in front will be on standard pace)

·       Easy and compact to store

·       Silent

·       Turf-friendly tires

·       Batteries last for up to 36 holes

Email us regarding a Finn Scooter purchase, with subject line: Finn Scooter