BRUCE SMITH, PGA Director of Instruction
Black Belt Golf Academy

Bruce Smith is the PGA Director of Instruction at Indian Creek Golf Club.  He specializes is competition level player instruction.  Follow this link for more on Bruce and his junior golf programming.
Please call for availability and pricing (214) 727-8857 or email blackbeltgolfacademy@gmail.com.


JULIE ROBERTS, PGA  Director of Golf

Julie Roberts is the PGA Director of Golf at Indian Creek Golf Club, she brings 20 years of teaching experience and can help all skill levels to learn and enjoy the game more.   

'Golf is not a hard game to learn, it's all in how you approach the process.  Every person is different and I prefer to 
adapt to their ability and learning style to best help them achieve their golf goals.' 
 - Julie Roberts, PGA Professional 

Private Lesson – 45 minutes  
Junior Lesson (age 21 & Under) – 30 minutes 
Group Lesson – 1 Hour (3-6 students) 
Lesson Package (Individual) 
3 for $199 

Email to schedule your lesson time: jroberts@orion-mgmt.com 
Call the Golf Shop for more details: (972) 466-9850